Vegan Berlin – Vöner

Vöner, the vegetarian döner, was the very first 100% vegan kebab in Germany.

The restaurant is not big by any means, yet it feels quite spacious & light. It’s open kitchen, like regular döners, except it’s spotless clean and smells guh-reat, unlike most regular döners.

What’s on the menu, you ask ? Kebabs (duh), burgers, handcut fries, finally a vegan version of the currywurst (famous curried sausage), nuggets, hot dogs… Burgers and kebab “meat” are served either as a döner, dürüm or on a plate filled with yummy fries and a fresh salad.

Add some pink coleslaw to your meal for 50 cents and have a vegan brownie for dessert. I’m hungry again.

The food is fresh, mostly organic, 100% vegan with no artificial flavours or preservatives and all ingredients are specified on the back of the menu.

The people running this place are very friendly too. Berlin has a spot on my list of friendliest cities btw.

We tried the Vöner plate with the famous vegan kebab meat with fries and salad. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t say it tasted like kebab meat, or any meat at all. It was just… something entirely different, tasty & full of spices. My meat-eater friend said it actually tasted better than kebab meat. So there you go.

The fries were great, deep-fried twice like they should be and the portion very generous, in fact maybe a little too generous.. Oh and did I mention they have the best vegan mayonnaise I’ve ever had ? Hands down !

Prices are as you would expect for this kind of food, but it somehow looks and feels a lot fancier than any döner or fries shop I’ve ever been to. Especially when you’re eating off a real plate.

For a simple but pretty restaurant, serving large portions of vegan food made with fresh ingredients (some organic), I found it rather cheap. Although by Berlin standards, it’s actually average. Berlin is so cheap when it comes to food, it must be said.


Address : Boxhagener Str. 56, 10245 Friedrichshain, Berlin

How to get there : Take Tram 21 or Bus 240 to Neue Bahnhofstraße, around the corner from the restaurant. Closest S-Bahn station is Ostkreuz.

Hours : 12 – 11 pm daily

Budget : 5€ for the Vöner Kebab. 7€ the Vöner plate or Wagenburger plate with salad & chips (fries). 4-6€ burgers. 3.5€ chips.

Website : (German) // Facebook Vöner

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