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Being a vegan and eating out while travelling is not always the easiest thing to do, especially in a city like Brussels. But things are getting better and everyday new places are popping up around the world. Being from Brussels myself (a vegetarian for over a decade, recently turned vegan), over time I’ll hopefully be able to create a whole vegan food guide for the city.

Moonfood is a fantastic place for vegans discovering the city of Brussels. It operates as a pay by weight buffet. There are actually two separate buffets, one with cooked food and the other with raw food, so you all raw foodists can also get something to eat. All the food is organic, 100% vegan, lactose free and gluten-free. Paradise if you ask me. There are a couple raw desserts & baked cakes aswell and some drinks to choose from.

Raw salads, hummus & lasagna
Raw salad wraps, pizza & spring rolls

You can eat on the spot or choose to fill up a takeaway box. The seating area is quite large and very pretty; wood everywhere, large windows, lots of sunlight.

But what about the food itself ? It was fresh, tasty & original.

Some of the dishes we tried : raw mini pizza, raw spring roll, raw lasagna, raw zucchini spaghetti, several kinds of hummus, raw carrot ball, raw bread made of nuts, cooked eggplants with chickpeas, lentils, rice & beans, baked tomato & sweet potato. There was a lot more to choose from !

We also shared a slice of raw chocolate pie that was absolutely delicious but my advice would be to buy it right before you eat it, as it starts melting slightly when it’s out of the fridge.

As for the downsides :

  • When the food is gone, there’s no more. So if you’d rather be safe than sorry, go for lunch. There will be wraps & some cake left in the late afternoon.. maybe.
  • Depending on your appetite, pay by weight can get a little expensive. You definitely don’t want to go there to stuff your face.

Practical information :

Address – Rue des Colonies 58, 1000 Brussels

Opening hours – 12 to 8 pm on weekdays. Closed on weekends.

How to get there – The place is located between metro stops Central Station & Park, very much in the center, if a little bit hidden. But we all have google maps nowadays, don’t we… Shortest way is stop at Central Station, then take exit Rue des Colonies.

Budget – You pay 2,70 euros per 100 grams of food. Raw cakes are 5 euros a slice. Plates shown on the pictures cost around 11 & 14 euros.

Website –



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