About Cappuccino Fields 

Cappuccino Fields was born with the purpose to inspire you to travel & discover new places, give you practical & useful information to plan your trips aswell as to allow you to virtually travel the world through pictures.

Cappuccino Fields also aspires to encourage us all to take better care of this beautiful and inspiring planet we call home.

So, whether you are here to browse through pictures of your dream destinations or to gather information for your next trip, welcome to Cappuccino Fields !


About me 


Hi there ! My name is Eve, I’m from Belgium and I’m in my late twenties, soon-to-be early thirties.

My mother tongue is actually French, hence the not-so-perfect English at times. But as I learned, being too much of a perfectionist is the best way never to start anything.

After graduating from high school, I took a gap year in Italy where I learned the language and first started travelling solo. If I wasn’t born with the travel bug (I’m a good Sagittarius!), then that’s where I caught it.

Since then, I have visited over 30 countries, about 170 cities & locations, and I am far from done.

Being curious like a cat and an avid learner, but also very organized and structured (some would say I have OCD), I have always done a ton of research before going anywhere. I love taking pictures, talking about my experiences and sharing tips with other travellers. So it only made sense that I started sharing all the information I gathered with everyone.

Enjoy your visit !

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